TDC 30: Happily Ever After - Don’s Story

May 30, 2018

Alex's friend and fellow gamer, Don, joins the show to share his unique perspective and experience with fatherhood. He also shares the impact that a popular video game had on his journey to meeting his wife and step-daughter.


TDC 29: The Power of Faith - Steven’s Story

May 23, 2018

Alex's friend, Steven, joins him to discuss the role that faith plays in his approach to fatherhood. He also shares the story of his daughter, Lulu, and how he and his wife found out that Lulu has down syndrome and the impact that has had on their lives.


TDC 28: Newly Engaged Stepdad

May 16, 2018

Alex welcomes his friend, Tim, back to give the latest news on his stepson, Willy, and share the exciting news that he and his fiance are engaged. They talk geek culture, the impact this marriage will have on his fiance's son, and his methods of holding video games hostage to see positive results in schoolwork.


TDC 27: One Year Later

May 9, 2018

Alex is back with an update on how his daughter, Aria, has progressed since his last episode. He also celebrates one year since Aria came into this world.


TDC 26: Tribute to Papa

November 2, 2017

This episode is dedicated to my wife's grandfather, who we lovingly refer to as "Papa".


TDC 25: Life is About Compromise - Allen’s Story

October 12, 2017

Fellow geek and gamer, Allen Brasch, joins Alex to discuss balancing your passions with being a father. They also share some of the geeky things they look forward to sharing with their kids.


TDC 24: Harness the Energy - Anthony’s Story

September 28, 2017

Alex's old friend and former neighbor, Anthony, joins him on the show to discuss his choice to separate from the Marine Corps to focus on his family life and overcoming the challenges of not having his father in his life.  He also talks about his two boys and how to harness the energy of an energetic child.


TDC 23: The Power of Music

September 21, 2017

Alex invites his friend, Jamie, back on the show to discuss the impact music has had on their lives and how they want to share their love of music with their children.  Jamie is also the host of a podcast called The Reading List, which you can listen to by visiting


TDC 22: Slow Down and Have Fun - Adam’s Story

September 7, 2017

Alex has his wife's coworker, Adam, join the show to talk about how important it is to slow down and enjoy your time with your children.  He also explains why his son loves "The Wobble" so much.


TDC 21: Autism Awareness - Steve’s Story

August 31, 2017

Steve is the father of 3 children, 2 of which are autistic.  He shares his inspiring story with Alex as well as great advice on how to overcome challenges in marriage and fatherhood.