TDC 60: Starting Daycare

March 20, 2019

Alex brings his wife on to celebrate 60 episodes and talk about what it's like to have their daughter attending daycare. They share some of the benefits they've seen with Aria attending daycare and how you can make sure your child is ready to attend daycare.

TDC 59: My Abuelo’s Story

March 13, 2019

Alex shares his team's latest submission on the competition he's a part of, America's Next Top Podcaster, where he tells the story of how he overcame his the grief he experienced when he grandfather, Frank, passed away.

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TDC 58: Slow Down!

February 27, 2019

Alex reflects on his need to slow down and enjoy the moment and the event that occurred to help him do so. He shares some insight on some ways that you, as a parent, should take time for yourself and realign on priorities every once in a while.

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TDC 57: Dads with Daughters (Round Table Discussion)

February 13, 2019

Sorry, there were some shenanigans with the original sound file. Re-uploading!

Alex has former guests Jamie and Ken on to talk about what it's like as fathers who are raising daughters. They talk about society's expectations of raising daughters and how there are more opportunities now than ever for women and how that makes them excited and proud to be fathers of daughters.

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TDC 56: Overcoming Hardships - Brandon’s Story

February 6, 2019

Alex has an old friend of his, Brandon Flanigin, join the show to talk about leaving his life brewing beer to becoming a stay at home dad due to his youngest son's illness. Brandon shares some of the ways he's been able to successfully make the transition to being a stay at home dad as well as how to overcome some of the anxiety of having a newborn with a rare disease.

TDC 55: From Bachelor to Stepfather - Geoff’s Story

January 30, 2019

Alex is back with an old friend of his, Geoff Blough, who shares what it was like to go from bachelor to getting married and having 2 stepsons. He and Alex talk about some of the struggles of that dynamic and how, at the end of the day, it's all worth it.

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TDC 54.5: Exciting Update!

January 25, 2019

Alex shares some news as to why he hasn't been able to publish a new episode over the last couple of weeks. Listen in for the news!

TDC 54: Being The Provider - Ken’s Story

January 9, 2019

Happy New Year! Alex is back to share his brother-in-law's story of fatherhood. Ken talks about how some of the men in his life have influenced his hard work and ethics towards being a provider to his family. They also talk about what it's like for Ken as he and his wife, Katie (Alex's sister), are expecting their second child.

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TDC 53: Reflecting Back On 2018

December 19, 2018

Alex wraps up 2018 with a look back at what fatherhood has been like and what sorts of conversations he's had on this show. He also shares what he's looking forward to in 2019. Thanks to everyone who has supported the show!

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TDC 52: Actual Disney Magic

December 12, 2018

Alex invites Jamie Sweetland back to recount their recent trips to Disney World. Alex shares some of the highlights of watching his daughter experience Disney for the first time. Want to contribute to the conversation? Email