TDC 38: Disney Magic

July 25, 2018

Alex invites a regular on the show, Jamie Sweetland, to talk about what Disney does right for families visiting their theme parks and consuming their content. They also talk about how their daughters have loved movies from Moana to Alice in Wonderland. Do your kids love Disney? Write in and let us know:


TDC 37: No Regrets - Matt’s Story

July 18, 2018

Alex's old friend and coworker, Matt Shaver, joins the show to talk about how he and his wife's unexpected addition to their family was one of the best things to ever happen to him.



TDC 36: Self-Defense & Empowerment - Josh’s Story

July 11, 2018

Alex invites another fellow podcast listener to the show to share his perspective on fatherhood. Josh is a stay at home father with experience as a Martial Arts Instructor. He shares some important thoughts around the importance of self-defense and discipline as you raise a child.


TDC 35: Ear Infections & Sleep Regression

July 4, 2018

Alex shares how he and Deanna have been dealing with a recent ear infection that Aria has been suffering from. It has resulted in really bad sleep regression and a lot of anxiety around the Albisu household. As someone that is prone to anxiety, Alex has shared some of the ways he's been coping.


TDC 34: Hard Work and Dedication - Brian’s Story

June 27, 2018

Brian, a fellow podcast enthusiast, joined Alex to talk about how important hard work and setting a great example is for your kids; especially when you have four boys. Brian also shares some personal struggles he's experienced and how he has overcome them with a tremendous focus on what is important: being a caregiver for his family.


TDC 33: Wives Are Awesome - Brandon’s Story

June 20, 2018

Alex invites a fellow lover of podcasts and geek, Brandon Matthews, aka "Old Man Franks", to talk about his experience with fatherhood. From terrible twos, to video games, to reuniting with his father, Brandon makes a strong case as to why he is a great father; he has a wonderful wife at his side to help him!


TDC 32: Gaming Antics

June 13, 2018

Alex invites returning guest, Omer Aru, of Escape Room Herndon, to share the latest on his boys. Video games are pretty popular in his house and he shares what methods he uses to promote a positive gaming atmosphere in his home. We also pay homage to Omer's father, who passed away earier this year.


TDC 31: Baby on the Move

June 6, 2018

Alex's daughter is on the move and talking! He shares some tips around how to prepare yourself for a baby who is starting to crawl and walk and how to deal with frustrations around communicating with your child.


TDC 30: Happily Ever After - Don’s Story

May 30, 2018

Alex's friend and fellow gamer, Don, joins the show to share his unique perspective and experience with fatherhood. He also shares the impact that a popular video game had on his journey to meeting his wife and step-daughter.


TDC 29: The Power of Faith - Steven’s Story

May 23, 2018

Alex's friend, Steven, joins him to discuss the role that faith plays in his approach to fatherhood. He also shares the story of his daughter, Lulu, and how he and his wife found out that Lulu has down syndrome and the impact that has had on their lives.