TDC 16: My Dad’s Story

July 20, 2017

Alex invites his own father, Luis, to the show to talk about his experience with fatherhood.  He talks about how important it is to work hard, especially when you are an immigrant coming to this country with absolutely nothing.  He also talks about how family has been the driving focus of everything he does.


TDC 15: Robert’s Story

July 12, 2017

Fellow podcaster, Robert, joins Alex to talk about his experience with fatherhood.  He offers awesome advice on how to help your child deal with adversity.  Robert is also host of The Two Bobs Podcast, check out his podcast here:


TDC 14: Andrew’s Story

July 5, 2017

Andrew Tiu with Motion Butter and The Tiu Review joins Alex to talk about fatherhood.  Andrew is an entrepreneur and new dad.  The two discuss what it's like to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle and focus on being their for your new child.

Check out Andrew's work:



TDC 13: Let Sleeping Babies Sleep

June 28, 2017

Alex gives an update as to how he and Deanna get their 1 and a half month old daughter to sleep 8 to 9 hours every night.


TDC 12: Jamal’s Story

June 21, 2017

Jamal tells his story about raising two boys as a single parent and how fatherhood is a passion of his.  He has his own fatherhood podcast called "Your Mark: A Series About All Things Fatherhood" that was the inspiration for this show.  Join in as he and Alex talk about how important it is for every father to tell their story.


TDC 11: Jason’s Story

June 16, 2017

Jason talks about his son, Elias, and how his upbringing as an adopted child has given him a unique view on fatherhood.  He also shares insight into how important it is to let your child embrace what they become passionate about.


TDC 10: Omer’s Story

June 8, 2017

Special guest, Omer, joins Alex to share how his father's work ethic wife's entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to open his own Escape Room. His boys think their dad has a pretty cool job.


TDC 09: Jamie’s Story

June 1, 2017

Alex invites his first father guest, Jamie, to recount growing up without a father and what that means to him. Listen in to learn how his mom was such an inspiration on how he approaches fatherhood.


TDC 08: Introducing Baby Albisu

May 17, 2017

Alex and Deanna welcome their newborn daughter to the world! They also recap their first days as new parents and Alex shares the future and direction of The Dad Chronicle.


TDC 07: The Home Stretch

March 30, 2017

Alex invites his wife, Deanna, back on the show to say some words before their daughter joins the world.